Georges and Myrtle

Georges and Myrtle

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Wednesday 21st May - Le Pradet to Secret Riviera Retreat
Turns out that Parker's sister Francoise is standing in the European Elections for the Thunderbirds Party (complete with excellent puppet name)

A shortish day with a return of the sun but, 40km+ into a headwind on our route to catch up with Janet and Ron. Found the Cheshire Hillbillies well and truly ensconced on their site and ready with the warmest of welcomes!

Ron had been out foraging and had found a very rare lemon nik-nak tree which he proceeded to strip bare. 

Janet braved out the faux-pas over her incessant calendar mix-ups and produced a wonderful meal. Ron's beer and wine stocks took a bit of a hit this evening but luckily he was too far gone himself to notice the damage ;-)

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