Georges and Myrtle

Georges and Myrtle

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Thursday 15th May - Marseillan Plage to Aigues Mortes
(Confessions of an early rising camper)

Getting up early can be a bit of a chore sometimes; this morning I rose to see a member of the campsite staff (oblivious in their chalet) preparing for the working day ahead. Ordinarily bathrooms have opaque windows but such luxuries may need to be spared in straitened economic times. In her naked mode she applied her make-up in a small retracting mirror, while the peripheral vision remained mine to behold :-) (She was a little less blousey than as she appeared later on reception)

Great start to the ride on a voie verte to Sete (a boardwalk for Otis Redding to be proud of).
A head wind gusting 40-50mph thereafter provided a little more focus for our potential 'f'ing and blinding!!! Hence the lack of photography for the day!

Later, dodged a snake!

Ultimately, arrived at an excellent campsite where reception thought we looked a little knackered! 

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