Georges and Myrtle

Georges and Myrtle

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Monday 19th May - Martigues to Cassis - French Connection 2014
•    Unconscious Uncoupling!
•    Popeye Doyle where were you when we needed you?


Things suddenly began to get steeper!

Pretty tough ride to Marseille, with some wind and rain. We had a ‘bit of a moment’ on a downhill stretch through the Marseille outskirts when, much like one of those Pink Panther cartoon sequences, Myrtle’s trailer uncoupled and careered across the opposite carriageway in a seeming overtaking motion! To our great good fortune, despite the otherwise busy road, no cars were present in either direction as it happened! A split-pin had failed but Bicycle Repairman managed to sort a fix which still holds.

If you ever wake up one morning thinking “today, I really must cycle through Marseille”, take our advice and go back to bed!!! Think of the worst city ride you can imagine and then, make it a whole lot worse.

The really big hills came after the delights of Marseille and gave us our latest day finish so far. Made it to our planned destination of Cassis where, it was all we could do to pitch the tent and fall into bed!

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