Georges and Myrtle

Georges and Myrtle

Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday 2nd May - Fragues to Meilhan sur Garonne - Hitting the Hundred!

Today we hit the combined one hundred (yet one of us remains under 50).

We started with a great rural route of Langon (which may one day be part of the Voie Verte Entre Deux Mers). Leaving the town we were caught up in the local market and more communing with the locals ensued . . .

 . . . while Jane bought bread from a stall I was engaged by an accent laden old boy.

It turns out that I'm very lucky to have a wife who shares my passions (because his doesn't!). Now a number of assumptions were clearly made in our conversation; we were both wise men, comfortable that there would be nothing unreasonable about the others' passions (without the need to divulge the details) - we parted friends but without having swopped  wives!

Picking up the Canal de Garonne we had a great easy ride for a shorter birthday day to the sleepy village of Meilhan sur Garonne. I've waited for wine in church before but not the two hours of today while the village slept for its lengthy lunch. Anyway, life returned to its bustling commerce around 3.30pm and birthday foods were finally purchased before heading to the seemingly free Municipal Camping.

Georges and Myrtle had their first wash while we washed down some other handy liquid consumables! 

The early evening amusement was  provided in the form of Jane's singing birthday card from Claire, Kay and Teresa (Thank you).

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