Georges and Myrtle

Georges and Myrtle

Monday, 5 May 2014

Monday 5th May - Moissac - Tout Calme au Cloitre

Over 50th birthday patisseries last evening we revised plans a little in the light of a fixed hotel booking we have coming soon for a break in Carcassonne. So today turned into our most relaxed day so far.

No ‘alarming cockerel’, the passage of morning time beyond inner condensation, dismissive glances at unpacked panniers and raspberry ‘jaffa’ cakes for petit dejeuner ;-)

Strolled into Moissac across the Pont de Napolean over the Tarn and headed for a very leisurely lunch in the square by the Abbey. Excellent food, local beer and a chilled and very rosy pichet of rose.

Moissac appears to be something of a confluence for a number of French trails heading for the Camino on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. One of the focal points here is the abbey cloister. Cool, tranquil and calming, intricate carving and wonderful peace.

Back at camp, a quick visit to the piscine and a little more of the fabulous ‘Confederacy of Dunces’!

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