Georges and Myrtle

Georges and Myrtle

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Friday 16th May - Aigues Mortes to Saint Marie de la Mer

As we were just ahead of our original programme (and after the previous day's trials), we decided to have a leisurely morning in Aigues Mortes (walled city blah blah blah - but beautiful ;-)). 

It turns out, Lot's wife was a much bigger girl than any of us could've imagined!

There was a moment when Andy was desperately trying to helpfully remove himself from a German lady's photo shot, only to finally realise that as she continued to pan around, he (or more likely his ludicrous luggage) was her chosen muse ;-)

Turned out to be one of our best cycling days yet. Saint Marie de la Mer appeared to be having its own version of the Appleby Horse Fair so, campsite options without  a chrome encrusted caravan were somewhat limited but, it transpired that for others, there was a fantastic site down the road where a pink flamingo would spit into your swimming pool at no extra cost!

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