Georges and Myrtle

Georges and Myrtle

Friday, 25 April 2014

Wednesday 23 April - Les Sables d’Olonne to Aiguillon sur Mer - And what a mere!

Within half an hour we found a Vendee Velo, unfordable ford (no diversion); no worries, we can find another way, 0.5km later, Route Barree on the coast road (no diversion). Still no worries (we think), but it’d have to be bigger roads with heavier traffic to get us back on track. Next we were hit by a first flat front for Myrtle.

So all sorted and then back into the paysages; Ming Li (the smartphone has had a name for a few days now) was doing us proud, if taking us on some culturally revolutionary tracks which might have adorned Chairman Mao’s hinterland. And then, the unbridged bridge; we were already in the middle of nowhere thanks to Ming Li, but now we had no road! However, having got us into it, Ming Li also got us out of it; earth tracks through farm fields all seemed to be there in his database and so, over the Donkey’s Backside Bridge we headed to Jard sur Mer.

We’d lost a fair bit of time on only a few kilometres and so revised our plans for the day and finished the day with one of Jane’s fantastic saffron risottos.

Pretty certain that we’re now just over a third of the route from home and a quarter of the way through France.

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