Georges and Myrtle

Georges and Myrtle

Friday, 18 April 2014

Wednesday 16th April - Le Roc St Andre to Port Navalo - We reach the Atlantic

Got back onto the same Voie Verte for about 25km at the start of the day; it seemed like a gentle but never ending incline (though doubtless preferable to the undulating hills that surrounded us).
Myrtle blew a hole in her back end for the fourth time!

Found a lovely picnic spot by an Indo-Chinese Memorial (to be Googled at some time).
Forever thinking that just around the next bend we'd catch our first glimpse of the Atlantic (and another mini milestone) but seemingly thwarted at each turn.

After tackling a stretch of busy highway, we found a small Tourist Office at St Colombier; very helpful woman sent us further on our way with a great cycling map of the peninsula and info on camping at Port Navalo. Finally caught sight of the ocean, 75km into a 78km ride.

Camping Port Sable in Port Navalo turned out to be possibly the best municipal site that either of us had ever visited - new facilities, quiet and spacious and with a view of the sea from the tent ;-)

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