Georges and Myrtle

Georges and Myrtle

Friday, 18 April 2014

Thursday 17th April - A Bike Ride on our day off ;-) - Carnac Standing Stones

For the first time in France, we had a little lie in before taking Scooby to the beach (a future Flickr update). Then pedalled down to the Port and had a late morning biere in the sun while waiting for our little ferry boat across to Locmariaquer.

The ride was then only about 15km to Carnac on a route that took in many of the megolith fields (some off-piste fence hopping was risked for a photo or two - but you just can't keep a good dog down!).

Then headed on to Carnac and Carnac Plage - wonderful beach where Jane went for one of her obligatory paddles and declared it fit for swimming (though neither of us did on this occasion).

Once we'd found a suitable bar terrasse in Carnac village, we prepared some of the blog content that had been missing since the wheel re-build back in Steep (Wifi had so far been more limited than we'd hoped and then, this same evening we found some for the previous upload batch).

Kirs and beers rounded off the evening with gallettes on the front in Port Navalo.

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