Georges and Myrtle

Georges and Myrtle

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Saturday 26th April - Marennes Plage to Royan - Start the day with Boogy Juice! :-)

Another sizeable bridge at the beginning of the day, over La Suedra before downing the day's Boogy Juice.

Great length of forest cycle trail for most of the way to Royan, with some occasional but superb coastline stretches.

Lunch came by a windy beach where we watched kite-surfers and land-yachts. Some beautiful houses on the coastal route into Royan. Pitched up at our most expensive campsite so far (but we're all captive customers for the obvious ferry south).

Georges had his first flat en route into town for an evening beer (which didn't quite happen).
Back at camp while fixing earlier punctured tubes, France's Bicycle Repair Homme lept from the campsite bushes to insist on personally repairing one for Georges.

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