Georges and Myrtle

Georges and Myrtle

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tuesday 15th April - Guitte to Le Roc St Andre - Dust and Crosses (or is it Ashes to Ashes)

Today was an even more rural day; our suspicion is that only a handful of Brittany’s population live anywhere but the coast. Religious crosses dotted the landscape and agricultural dust filled the air at times.

The as yet unnamed smartphone’s navigation system seemed to add a few unnecessary miles to the day and at least one unnecessary ‘there and back’ hill - we may fall out if this carries on.

There seemed to be quite a thing with bicycles being locked at remote bus stops (presumably linked to the ‘school run’); so taken by these, we made one another of our ‘blanket on the ground’ lunch stops.

In the end we clocked up 75km today, the final third being back on Voie Verte No.3. the friendliest campsite welcome so far was provided by Miriam at Camping Domaine du Roc (all furniture provided). Gorged ourselves on what appeared to be a 51 cal/portion soup (but at least we had double helpings so, only c.95% down on basic intake - must have a word with the ‘snack monitor’).

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